March 1st, 2018

Survivors of intimate partner violence should have guaranteed paid leave

NDP bill would provide paid leave to survivors

HALIFAX - Today, the NDP Caucus is bringing forward legislation that would provide paid leave for survivors of intimate partner and sexualized violence. Of those individuals who have reported incidents of domestic violence in Canada, over 50 per cent have experienced an abusive incident at or near the workplace.

“Survivors of violence require support—including time to heal and access appropriate services,” said NDP Labour spokesperson Tammy Martin. “People should not be penalized at work when they are victimized at home or in public.”

Yesterday, Minister Kelly Regan announced a new domestic violence court program and said domestic violence has touched far too many lives. On Tuesday the federal government announced plans to provide five days of paid leave to survivors of domestic abuse who are federally regulated employees.

"Unifor and other unions have been advocating for paid domestic violence leave across the country and at bargaining tables to ensure that protected leave for victims is available," said Koren Beaman, Unifor Woman's Advocate, MWF Local 1, Halifax Shipyard. "Women who face violence should not also have to fear losing their jobs when they need time off to get themselves and their children to safety. Financial stability is a key part of escaping violence."

The NDP’s proposal is based on similar policies adopted in New Brunswick, Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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