May 4th, 2018

Premier must stand up for fishing communities

HALIFAX – The Premier’s comments that oil and gas drilling be allowed in marine refuges is a threat to the sustainability of Nova Scotia’s fisheries.

“Protecting our marine environment and fishing communities needs to be a priority of the provincial government,” said Lisa Roberts, NDP Spokesperson for Fisheries and Aquaculture. “For the Premier to suggest that the federal government should allow oil and gas drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, while restricting fishing, is totally unacceptable.”

Fishers around the province have raised concerns with the federal proposal to limit sustainable fishing in the proposed Marine Protected Areas.

“Fishers are prepared to work with government to ensure the sustainability of the fishery,” said Colin Sproul, a fisher from Annapolis County. “I’m deeply disturbed by the Premier’s encouragement of oil and gas drilling in protected areas.”

The NDP Caucus has been pushing for the government to require the presence of a capping stack in the region, as is required in other offshore drilling areas like Norway and Alaska.

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