April 10th, 2018

Nova Scotia needs a ban on for-profit plasma and blood collection

HALIFAX – The Liberal government needs to act on renewed calls for a ban on for-profit blood and plasma collection in Nova Scotia. BloodWatch.org and the Nova Scotia Health Coalition are hosting an event on this topic tonight.

“Canada’s blood collection system is voluntary and needs to stay that way,” said NDP Health spokesperson Tammy Martin. “Without legislation restricting for-profit companies from setting up shop, the Liberals are leaving open the possibility that these clinics could come here and undermine the supply in the voluntary system.”

The NDP Caucus introduced legislation in the fall sitting of the Legislature to protect the voluntary blood donation system in Nova Scotia. At that time documents were tabled that showed Nova Scotia was on the list of target markets of a for-profit clinic that has set up shop in New Brunswick, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.

“When collecting plasma and blood is done for profit we know there are very real concerns about the safety of the blood supply and exploitation of those whose blood is being bought,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “This issue isn’t going away. The Liberal government needs to take a stand to protect Nova Scotia’s blood supply.”

Ontario, Quebec and Alberta have similar legislation that bans the private sale of blood and plasma in those provinces.

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