November 4th, 2017

NDP Leader Gary Burrill speaks at NSNDP AGM

Address highlights social crises, work of NDP Caucus

Halifax – NDP Leader Gary Burrill addressed a crowd of NDP members today at the Nova Scotia NDP annual general meeting at Mount Saint Vincent University. During his remarks, Burrill highlighted the challenges facing Nova Scotia and the solutions being put forward by the NDP Caucus.

“Nova Scotia now has the worst child poverty rate of any province, the fastest rising tuition, and we have the lowest minimum wage,” said Burrill. “These are the issues that should be addressed by a provincial government.”

Burrill praised the Caucus for their work in the recent fall session of the Legislature.

“We have learned the amazing strength and quality of our Caucus this fall,” said Burrill. “And we have learned again, even more, how important this giving of our ourselves is to the people of Nova Scotia.”

Burrill committed to fighting for people looking for a family doctor, to continuing to push for a $15 minimum wage, and to making sure the people who need help can get it.

“Liberals and Conservatives will tinker around the edges of these crises if they are pushed. But there is only one political formation which is going to address these crises with the urgent conviction that can open up a new road for our province and that is the New Democratic Party of Nova Scotia,” said Burrill.
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