October 5th, 2017

NDP to introduce Environmental Bill of Rights

Legislation would ensure citizen voice in environmental issues

HALIFAX - NDP Environment spokesperson Lenore Zann will introduce an Environmental Bill of Rights this afternoon in the legislature. If passed, the bill would ensure citizens have a voice in environmental issues, require the government to release all environmental data publicly, and create a mechanism for citizens to take legal action to protect their right to clean air and water.

"The Liberals gave a pretty good indication of where they stand on environmental issues when they failed to mention the environment or climate change even once in the Speech from the Throne,” said Zann. “Nova Scotians understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment and they should have more power to protect it.”

Community organizations around the province have been pushing for an Environmental Bill of Rights for some time. A coalition, led by East Coast Environmental Law, produced a draft version of a bill this past spring. This legislation is necessary as the Liberals have abandoned the clear-cutting targets from the Natural Resource Strategy, approved pesticides spraying on our forests and are even allowing a large corporation in the province to burn tires for fuel.

"In the spirit of the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act, I hope all parties will also support this legislation to show that communities across our province deserve clean air and water," said Zann.
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