January 12th, 2018

NDP calls on Liberal government to reaffirm Nova Scotia's fracking ban

Mixed messages from from Premier and Energy Minister

HALIFAX – The Liberals must be clear on their plans for fracking in Nova Scotia after inconsistent and confusing statements from the Premier and Energy Minister Geoff MacLellan.

"The fracking ban is an important policy to protect Nova Scotia's natural environment and our water sources," said Lenore Zann, NDP Environment spokesperson. "The public has been clear on their postion. Nova Scotians are against fracking. The Liberal government should be focusing their energy on creating new green and sustainable industries."

Following the recent release of an onshore atlas of natural gas this week, Premier Stephen McNeil and Energy Minister Geoff MacLellan have both made statements on the current ban on fracking. While the Premier highlighted his opposition to fracking, the Energy Minister appeared to leave the door open to a policy change if needed. The Liberals passed legislation to ban fracking in 2014 but have not yet proclaimed it.

“Unlike some issues where there is ambiguity, the position of the people of Nova Scotia on fracking is absolutely clear,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The province should be equally clear in making sure that everyone understands Nova Scotia is not interested in fracking. The most clear step is to proclaim the legislation on the current ban.”
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