February 5th, 2018

NDP calls for expansion of midwifery services across Nova Scotia

HALIFAX – The Liberal government has given in to pressure in support of the midwifery program in the province and added an additional midwife at both the South Shore and Antigonish sites.

“This program has clear support from the community and benefits those who are able to access it. The Liberals shouldn’t stop at adding a midwife in each of these two locations,” said NDP Health spokesperson Tammy Martin.

Midwifery services are available in Halifax, Anitgonish and on the South Shore. Outside of those locations, including in the Valley and Cape Breton, there are no options for women who would want to access a midwife.

“The McNeil government only responds when things have reached a boiling point,” said Martin. “With the shortage of family doctors, it makes sense to expand midwifery to the rest of the province immediately.”

A 2011 report recommended Nova Scotia needed 20 midwives to have a viable provincial system. The NSNDP campaigned on a promise to double the number of midwives.

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