March 5th, 2018

NDP announces stimulus plan for Cape Breton

SYDNEY – This week, the NDP will introduce legislation to address the economic disparities between Cape Breton and the rest of Nova Scotia. NDP Leader Gary Burrill joined Tammy Martin, MLA for Cape Breton Centre, at a press conference in Sydney this morning for the announcement.

“Tomorrow, I will introduce legislation for a stimulus plan for Cape Breton Regional Municipality. This plan will provide an additional $50 million in funding for CBRM each year, for three years, to stimulate economic development,” said Martin. “I was elected to make sure Cape Breton gets the attention we deserve, and this legislation will be a good first step. I call on Derek Momberquette and Geoff MacLellan to support these bills.”

In addition to the stimulus plan, the NDP Caucus will introduce a second piece of legislation requiring the province to commission a wide-ranging economic viability study for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, which was recommended several years ago. CBRM would be involved in drafting the terms of reference and appointing people to the commission.

“This study is long overdue and cannot be simply about property taxes. It needs to address the imbalance in public services, immigration, economic development, housing and more,” said Burrill. “When the second largest municipality in Nova Scotia has a major problem, Nova Scotia has a major problem.”

Kendra Coombes, CBRM Councillor for District 11, attended the press conference and supports the stimulus plan.

“Cape Breton deserves to have the same level of services and same access to health care, education and jobs as mainland Nova Scotia,” said Coombes. “I’m pleased the NDP is making this a priority and I hope all parties will support it.”

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