Stewarding Our Natural Resources

As responsible stewards of our natural resources, we can ensure that we can rely on our land, air, waters, and forests for generations to come.

Nova Scotians are fortunate to share in a wealth of natural resources. Since we share in this wealth, we are also responsible for maintaining them for generations to come. We need to be stewards of our natural world and ensure that people who work as farmers, fishers, and foresters can do so in conditions that are safe and sustainable.

The McNeil Liberals have proven that they are willing to look the other way on environmental regulations when it is convenient for them.

The Liberals:
• Dropped the Forest Stewardship Council’s certification from the Medway district in western Nova Scotia.
• Stepped away from the 50% clearcut target set by the last NDP government, and lifted the ban on whole-tree harvesting just three years after it was put in place.
• Refused to protect land trusts when they revamped the Mineral Resources Act in 2016 and failed to meet their target under the Parks and Protected Areas Plan.
• Cancelled the Community Feed-In Tariff without making a plan for continuing the development of renewables, and they’ve failed to bring in the Renewable to Retail program they promised.

We believe that Nova Scotia can lead the country in clean energy generation by setting hard targets and making sustainable power a priority.


Help local communities meet their energy needs through the development of renewable energy sources.

• Continue to support the work of Efficiency One in reducing energy consumption.
• Work towards creating a carbon-neutral government.
• Establish new programs to encourage renewable energy generation.
• Invest in sustainable transportation, including stable core funding for public transportation. Use our resources responsibly and protect them for generations to come.

• Introduce an Environmental Bill of Rights to guarantee that communities have the right to clean air and
• Establish an independent Environmental Commissioner to enforce the Bill’s provisions.
• Fight climate change by legislating a hard target for Green House Gas emission reductions for 2030 by the end of Year 1 of our mandate.

Encourage sustainable forestry and agriculture.

• Ensure the sustainable management of our forests by reinstating the 50% clearcutting target.
• Establish the Department of Agriculture and Food to reflect a new food security mandate.
• Change the cycle for small farm operating grants so that farmers can make growing decisions in time
for planting season.
• Provide start-up funding for a marketing board for small farms to help local producers get their goods to market at a fair price.

Protect our oceans, rivers, and lakes, and our fishery.

• Protect our water by continuing the moratorium on fracking in Nova Scotia.
• Strengthen offshore oil and gas regulations to ensure adequate protection of the fishery.
• Improve environmental baseline data related to tidal energy activities in the Minas Basin.
• Support the owner/operator policy for the inshore fishery.
• Accept the findings of the Doelle-Lahey report on aquaculture and work to implement all its recommendations to ensure both environmental and economic prosperity for coastal communities.