June 25th, 2018

Liberals' closure of community hospitals is wrong choice for Cape Breton

NEW WATERFORD -- The Liberal government is cutting health services in Cape Breton with today’s announcement that the people of New Waterford and North Sydney will lose their hospitals. Residents of these communities have been dealing with staggering levels of temporary emergency room closures and now know that these closures will be permanent.

“The closure of community hospitals in Cape Breton is disgraceful,” said Tammy Martin, NDP MLA for Cape Breton Centre and NDP Health Spokesperson. “The Liberal government can try to dress it up all they want, but at the end of the day, the people of New Waterford and North Sydney are losing their emergency rooms.”

Martin has repeatedly raised concerns with the Minister of Health about the closure of community hospitals in Cape Breton, and the Liberal government has refused to be honest about the planned closures.

“This is Black Monday for health care in Cape Breton,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The people of Cape Breton have been betrayed by this announcement of the closure of the hospitals in New Waterford and the Northside. Cape Bretoners, like people everywhere, deserve to have access to the health care services they need.”