April 24th, 2018

Liberal government needs to better protect Nova Scotians’ private information

HALIFAX – Following yesterday’s privacy breach in the Department of Education, NDP spokesperson for Internal Services Dave Wilson is calling on the Liberals to review their handling of public information.

“The issues yesterday with the Halifax Regional Centre for Education’s registration system are another example of a government computer system lacking in proper security,” said Dave Wilson, NDP spokesperson for Internal Services. “Regardless if these are technical issues, a lack of security protocols, or intentional attacks, the Liberal government has a responsibility to ensure private information is protected.”

The Liberal government recently had to shut down the Freedom of Information portal after discovering that the public could download private documents. One individual was able to download 7000 documents, 250 of which contained highly sensitive personal information. This week, parents registering their children for after school programs with the Halifax Regional Centre for Education were able to see personal information of other people in the system. The Nova Scotia Business Inc. website was also shut down last week after evidence of unusual activity was found.

“Every day, thousands of Nova Scotians have to provide private information to the government. People need to know that everything possible is being done to protect their private information,” said Wilson.

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