May 1st, 2018

Liberal government needs to address homelessness in CBRM and rural Nova Scotia

HALIFAX – Following today’s Community Services Committee meeting the NDP Caucus is calling on the McNeil government to address the serious lack of services for Nova Scotians dealing with homelessness or housing insecurity.

“When major centres like the CBRM have no services for women or young people facing homelessness something has to be done,” said Tammy Martin, NDP MLA for Cape Breton Centre. “Based on population size CBRM has just as serious an issue with homelessness as HRM but without the same level of services.”

Today, the committee heard from Fred Deveaux, executive director of the Cape Breton Community Housing Association. Deveaux told the committee that CBRM only receives about 3 per cent of the provincial budget targeting homelessness.

“We know this issue touches all communities across Nova Scotia but the services to support people aren’t readily available in CBRM or our rural communities,” said Susan Leblanc, NDP spokesperson for Community Services. “Wages and income assistance rates have not kept up with inflation and it is becoming harder and harder for people to afford stable, quality housing.”

The NDP has called for a significant increase in minimum wage and ESIA rates which would help improve people’s ability to afford a good place to live.

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