Robust and Reliable Health Care

Nova Scotians deserve robust and reliable health care that meets diverse needs across generations.

STEPHEN MCNEIL and the Liberals promised a doctor for every Nova Scotian in their first year in office. Four years later:
• The physician shortage has worsened and 106,000 Nova Scotians are without a family doctor.
• Emergency room closures across Nova Scotia have increased by 30 per cent, or more than 6,000 hours in just one year.
• Our provincial health care infrastructure is suffering and needs urgent attention.

Stephen McNeil has publicly insisted that his cuts have had no impact on quality of life in nursing homes, but dedicated staff and families are telling us that this simply isn’t true. We’ve heard reports of:
• Lower food quality
• Less programming
• Fewer staff to take care of residents. While the McNeil Liberals have been in government:
• Not a single new nursing home bed has opened.
• Wait lists for nursing home placements have risen by over
23 per cent.

McNeil’s Liberals have shown that they are willing to sacrifice seniors and other residents for the sake of a balanced budget.

The McNeil Liberals have it backwards when it comes to health care. They tell Nova Scotians that there isn’t enough money for health care—and instead of spending money on front-line care, they’ve spent millions to centralize health care and move bureaucrats around.

This approach is inefficient and unfair for patients, and it’s disrespectful to the thousands of healthcare workers on the front lines. It just doesn’t make sense, and Nova Scotians deserve better.

It’s time to make health care a priority in Nova Scotia.


Invest in primary health care services for all Nova Scotians.

• Ensure that Nova Scotians have access to a family doctor and other health care providers close to home by investing $120 million over four years in primary care, and recruiting and retaining medical professionals. This will also take the pressure off of our emergency rooms.
• Expand the Oral Health Care program to cover kids 17 and under, and adjust the physician resource plan to increase capacity for dental surgery if necessary.
• Freeze premiums for Seniors Pharmacare.
• Double the number of midwives in Nova Scotia and begin work on establishing a midwifery training

Create nursing homes that are welcoming places for people of all generations.

• Reverse McNeil’s $8 million cut to nursing homes and residential care facilities.
• Invest in additional nursing home beds to take the pressure off of emergency rooms.
• Fix the broken wait list for long-term care, and work with families and care providers to develop a more integrated model of seniors care that will help seniors feel like part of the wider community.

Improve access to mental health and addictions services.

• Double the initial investment in the Mental Health Strategy in order to cut the wait times for community- based mental health care by half.
• Reverse cuts to community organizations and add an additional $150,000 in funding.
• Open three pilot mental health hubs at emergency departments in Kentville, Halifax, and Sydney to take pressure off emergency rooms, help people in crisis, and connect them to long-term community-based care.

Fix emergency care.

• Keep emergency rooms open by opening 7 new Collaborative Emergency Centres. Our plan to expand CECs will expand access to primary care and help end ER closures.