November 9th, 2017

Government must review social assistance suspensions after court case decision

Families being wrongfully punished

HALIFAX – The McNeil government must act immediately following a Nova Scotia Court of Appeal ruling on social assistance and re-instate assistance payments to families that have been cut off.

“Punishing family members and children for the actions of one member of the family is unfair, and based on this court ruling, illegal,” said Susan Leblanc, NDP Community Services spokesperson. “We must ensure any family in this position doesn’t continue to be wrongfully punished.”

The NDP is calling on the Liberal government to immediately review the cases of all those clients serving a 6-week ineligibility period and re-instate those families who ought to be under today’s ruling. The NDP is also calling on the Liberal government to immediately inform and educate all workers of this ruling so that more innocent family members aren’t cut off.

“The effect of a six week suspension can be catastrophic for families,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “The Liberal government has a responsibility to right this situation for all families impacted by this decision.”
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