Quality Public Education

All young people in our province should be able to learn, grow, and reach their potential through access to a quality public education.

Public education in Nova Scotia is in crisis.
• Parents have to get on the wait list for early years education spaces before their kids are even born.
• Students are struggling to concentrate in classrooms with more than 40 classmates.
• Young people pursuing a post-secondary education are saddled with debt.

In P-12 education, teachers and other school staff know that class sizes and administrative workloads are preventing students from getting the attention they deserve. Rural schools, often the beating heart of smaller Nova Scotian communities, are being closed under the McNeil Liberals, and local residents have poured
time and energy into school proposals that have been met with rejection. In spite of classroom size caps, many continue to be over the limit.

The McNeil Liberals have also failed to negotiate a contract with the province’s teachers. They forced the first teachers’ strike in the province’s history, used allnight sittings to force Bill 75 through the legislature and locked students out of their classrooms.

We know we can unleash the army of specialists, education assistants and teachers that is needed to address the crisis in our classrooms. We can bring in the class-size caps that will give our teachers and students the support that they need. The NDP believes that all Nova Scotian kids deserve the opportunity to play, learn, and grow in supportive environments, surrounded by people who have their best interests at heart.

Nova Scotia is nationally renowned for our postsecondary education opportunities, but tuition fees at our universities and community colleges present major barriers to those seeking further training. Heavy debt loads prevent recent graduates from fully participating in economic and community life. Young people in
Nova Scotia need to be provided with the opportunities through education that will enable them to see a prosperous future here at home.


Create affordable child care spaces.

• Work in consultation with the child care community and make a substantial investment in early childhood education.

Invest in P-12 education to give students and teachers the supports they need.

• Repeal Bill 75 and start meaningful negotiations with our teachers.
• Invest in our classrooms and introduce class caps from primary to grade 12 to help all students get
the support they need.
• Increase classroom supports for teachers by hiring more Educational Assistants and specialists for the
classroom, and ensure teachers spend more time teaching, not doing data entry or supervising unnecessary assessments.
• Fund anti-racism initiatives in the classroom.
• Establish a moratorium on school closures and commit to working with communities to move forward with the hub school model.

Help young Nova Scotians succeed with affordable Post-Secondary Education.

• Eliminate tuition for all students enrolled at the Nova Scotia Community College, assisting 11,000 full-time students and over 11,000 part-time students at all 13 campuses of the NSCC. By investing in the NSCC, we can open the doors of opportunity for a generation that has largely had them shut.
• Reduce university tuition fees by 10% over four years through direct funding to our public post-secondary institutions, with a goal of eventually eliminating tuition fees at Nova Scotia universities.