Sustainable Economic Development

Our province’s economic development plan needs to make sense for working people, not just big business, so that we can grow into a strong and sustainable province for everyone.

Nova Scotia is full of people who want to do well for their families and their communities. For generations, Nova Scotians from all different backgrounds have supported each other by sharing what they have; whether that’s their time, their money, or their talents.

The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives both have track records of spending on big business to “attract jobs” rather than investing in homegrown development. The NDP believes that the most prosperous future is the one we build ourselves.

Our strategy for economic development starts from the bottom and grows upwards.

By prioritizing education and social infrastructure, we can create strong ground for a dynamic economy in the years to come, and an economy that has deep roots in smaller communities.


Grow and invest in our economy and make life more affordable for Nova Scotians.

• Help working people by gradually increasing the provincial minimum wage to $15 per hour over the next three years.
• Eliminate the discriminatory inexperienced worker wage.
• Reverse McNeil’s cuts to employment programs for African Nova Scotians and women.
• Establish a Task Force on the Local Economy that will consult with local businesses and community partners to determine how government can best support them, including how to help them adapt to changes in the minimum wage.

Re-invest in our communities.

• Re-open the Department of Economic and Rural Development closed by McNeil’s Liberals to take on the recommendations of the Task Force on the Local Economy.
• Invest in sustainable and accessible public transportation in smaller centres by providing core funding to fixed-route transit.
• Connect Nova Scotia to the world by introducing a program to help municipalities improve local access to high speed internet.
• Maintain public ownership of roads and highways. The NDP does not support tolling highways.