November 7th, 2017

Donkin layoffs at odds with economic forecast and production expectations

Concerns about safety, lack of unionization

Halifax – Cape Breton Centre MLA Tammy Martin is disappointed by news today that the Donkin Mine has laid off 49 employees, over one third of its workforce.

“This is a company that promised good jobs for our community,” said Martin, who is also the NDP spokesperson for Labour.

“Laying off a third of the employees before they’ve even been open a year is not a good start.”

A new economic forecast released this week predicted that mining expenditures would increase in 2018 and Donkin’s coal production is expected to triple.

Earlier this year Donkin was criticized after it received 29 safety warnings, and 10 orders to comply with safety regulations in just 3.5 months.

The NDP has previously called for workers in the Donkin Mine to have automatic certification in a union.

"Having a union in place would give workers a voice in addressing safety concerns and make sure workers are protected in case of layoffs," said Martin.

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