Connected Communities

People across the province want to live in connected communities with strong social ties.

The McNeil Liberals have shown that they are more concerned with balancing the budget than supporting and investing in community assets.

The Liberals have:
• Made petty cuts to community-based care groups.
• Considerably underspent on the province’s housing strategy.
• Failed to provide $3.5 million that had been allocated for affordable housing subsidies.
• Failed to upgrade the public infrastructure that links us together.


Restore funding to community groups working on the ground to support people in our province.


• Renew the Sexual Violence Strategy.
• Allocate $500,000 in additional funding to sexual assault service providers with multi-year funding agreements for sexual assault centres and other community organizations providing sexual assault services.
• Allocate $500,000 in additional funding to Nova Scotia’s women’s centres, which provide prevention and support programs.
• Invest $1 million to immediately double the number of sexual assault therapists available across the province.
• Commit to working with service providers to further increase therapy services to meet the needs of sexual assault survivors across the province.

Make sure no one in Nova Scotia is forced to go to a food bank.


• Set the social assistance rates so everyone can afford to buy healthy food at grocery stores and farmers’
markets and not from food banks.
• Fast-track the Employment Supports and Income Assistance Transformation.
• Begin the design phase of a Basic Income Guarantee. Invest in affordable housing for all.

• Invest in new units, repairs and maintenance of existing units, and other key components of affordable housing in the province.