Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are the heartbeat of life in this province. Our homegrown talent needs a dependable plan if we want to create good jobs in storytelling right here at home.

Stephen McNeil promised to maintain the film tax credit. Instead, Stephen McNeil blindsided the industry by cutting off financial support in 2015 without warning.

In 2014, the year before McNeil axed the film tax credit:
• The screen industry contributed $180 million to the province’s GDP.
• The industry supported 3,200 jobs, including many in rural Nova Scotia.
• Workers in the industry made a combined total of $137 million.


Build a thriving creative economy in Nova Scotia.

We know that when it comes to the creative industries, funding needs to be stable and secure.

• Work with the screen industry to reinstate a film and television production tax credit program to provide a strong foundation for our creative economy.
• Re-open Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia and work with the screen industry to develop a new stream of equity investment that will ensure that our filmmakers and television producers do not need to take their projects out-of-province.
• Increase investment in Arts Nova Scotia.