May 29th, 2017

NDP finish campaign as it started: talking about the needs of people

Only NDP will fix health care crisis

HALIFAX - In the last four years, the McNeil Liberals spent too much time centralizing health administration rather than supporting the 106,000 people who are struggling without a family doctor. The NDP is the only party in this election with a plan to deal with doctors who are retiring or leaving the province.

“We’re seeing in communities around the province that as doctors retire the McNeil Liberals have no plan to address the needs of patients,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “There are many dedicated doctors who have put off retirement because they don’t want their patients to go without, but the McNeil Liberals have done nothing to work with these doctors to make sure there is a plan in place to make sure people have the care they need.”

The McNeil Liberals refuse to admit that there is a crisis in health care even when Doctors Nova Scotia says there needs to be 100 new doctors every year for the next ten years in order to meet the needs of people.

“The McNeil Liberals have made health care worse and the Baillie Conservatives won’t tell people how much they will cut from health and education to make their numbers balance,” said Burrill. “The NDP is ready to listen to doctors, patients and health care professionals to make sure we are fixing the crisis in health care in a way that makes sense and delivers the best care for people."

The NDP will invest $120 million to recruit and retain more doctors, reduce wait times in emergency rooms, deliver better care to seniors and make sure people get the care they need when they need it.

“Stephen McNeil needs to tell the people of Nova Scotia what his plan is to deal with the number of doctors who are ready to retire and how much money is being saved by not replacing retiring doctors,” added Burrill. “The NDP is the only party with a plan to invest in the priorities that matter most to people like health care, education, seniors care and making sure everyone has enough food to eat. On May 30 vote NDP.”
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