May 27th, 2017

McNeil ignores health care crisis as doctors leave Cape Breton

6 physicians leaving

SYDNEY- NDP candidate for Sydney-Whitney Pier Madonna Doucette says as Stephen McNeil continues to ignore the crisis in health care, doctors are sounding the alarm as more physicians have announced that they are leaving Cape Breton.

Today, a group of physicians is holding a press conference in Sydney to express their concerns over news that six doctors are planning to leave Cape Breton. The doctor’s specialties include ophthalmology, radiology, psychiatry and family medicine.

“There is no doubt that the loss of these doctors will have a massive impact on the health care system, and will only make the health care crisis in Cape Breton worse” said Doucette. “People all across Cape Breton have been saying there’s a crisis, but the McNeil Liberals refuse to listen. How can we trust them to fix our health care system if they don’t even think it’s broken?”

An NDP government would earmark $17 million to address the doctor shortage in Cape Breton, and improve emergency services with the opening of a collaborative emergency centre at the Northside General. The NDP will also invest $120 million to hire family doctors and open primary care clinics across the province

“The NDP’s plan to invest in doctors and primary care makes it clear that the NDP is the only party committed to making sure people in Nova Scotia get the health care they need, when they need it,” said Doucette. “It’s time for a government that will listen to the needs of doctors, patients and health care workers, and fix the health care crisis in Nova Scotia.”