May 29th, 2017

McNeil health care system failing NS families

Liberals still denying crisis

HALIFAX – The current health care system is failing families in Nova Scotia. The story of Lise Petrie and her family is an example of the crisis that many people are facing in our hospitals but the McNeil Liberals say doesn’t exist.

“My mother-in-law, Gayle, is 80 years old and has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease,” says Lise Petrie who lives on the South Shore. “She is supposed to see a geriatric doctor every six months for cognitive evaluations but because the doctor is about 6 months behind schedule she only gets a yearly visit.”

To fix our health care system an NDP government will invest $120 million to attract and retain more doctors, specialists and health care professionals to make sure people get the care they need. The NDP will also end hallway medicine and give health professionals the resources they need so they can focus on patient care.

“When Gayle suffered a heart attack we ended up at the emergency department. We spent five days in the emergency unit. When they finally told us we were being moved we got transferred to a makeshift bedroom in a storage closet on the 3rd floor,” added Petrie. “She did not have access to a washroom so they wheeled in a portable toilet on wheels without a lid. This was emptied once per day. The closet had boxes and mattresses stored in the corner.”

“This story is tragic and speaks to the crisis in our health care system. While the McNeil Liberals have been focussed on building a big, centralized health authority, front line patient care has suffered and families have taken a direct hit,” said Burrill. “I believe our doctors, nurses and t health care professionals want to give their patients the best care they can but the McNeil Liberals refuse to listen to them and provide them with what they need.”

The Petrie family and the many other families who are struggling with the health care crisis deserve an explanation from Stephen McNeil.

“My family is disheartened and discouraged by the lack of attention my ailing mother-in-law has received. The scarcity of services and the terrifying experiences my mother-in-law has endured are unacceptable. We need a change and it cannot come quick enough,” said Petrie.

“On May 30, I’m asking the people of Nova Scotia to send a message to the McNeil Liberals that health care is a priority that needs immediate investment,” added Burrill. “The NDP is the only party ready to make the needed investments required to fix the crisis in health care.”

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