May 26th, 2017

McNeil and Baillie are so similar, they argue like siblings

Only NDP offers distinct choice

COLE HARBOUR – Last night, Liberal leader Stephen McNeil and Conservative leader Jamie Baillie showed us that they act like siblings who argue because they are so similar. In this election, if people are looking for better health care for their families, better education for their children and better opportunities for our young people, the NPD is the only party with the priorities to make it happen.
“Yesterday, I had the opportunity to ask the taller of the two siblings if he was finally ready to acknowledge that there is a crisis in our health care system, and again he said no,” said Burrill. “If people want more doctors, better schools, and more opportunities for young people then there is only one clear choice – the NDP.”
For the last four years, the McNeil Liberals have caused chaos, cuts and closures in our health care and education. They cut more than $8 million out of nursing homes, leaving seniors without the care they need, and they locked students out of their classrooms.
“The McNeil Liberals have made life harder for people in Nova Scotia in the last four years,” said Burrill. “People need more doctors, mental health care that is accessible and emergency rooms that are open. They can’t afford another four years of Stephen McNeil.”
In the last Conservative government, Jamie Baillie was a top adviser to the Conservative Premier that could not keep emergency rooms open and that turned away nurse practitioners.
“The Baillie Conservatives want to spend $1 billion on infrastructure, but won’t tell people how much they will cut from health care and education to pay for it,” added Burrill. “A vote for health care, education, and opportunities for young people is a vote for the NDP. Don’t let them tell us it can’t be done, together we can do this.”
On May 30th, vote NDP.
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