May 25th, 2017

Liberals misleading on VG replacement

Project has been delayed multiple times

DARTMOUTH – Stephen McNeil’s repeated claims that the redevelopment of the Centennial Building at the Victoria General Hospital is running as scheduled could not be further from the truth. Government documents show the project has been delayed multiple times under the McNeil Liberals and is once again behind schedule.

“The redevelopment of the Centennial Building was supposed to have started four years ago, yet the McNeil Liberals have repeatedly delayed this much-needed upgrade,” said NDP Leader Gary Burrill. “Meanwhile, the building has been plagued by flooding and structural damage, and patient care has suffered in result.”

Originally announced in 2011, the redevelopment of the Centennial Building was slated to begin in 2013 but was cancelled by the McNeil Liberals at the same time as they focused on creating their centralized health authority. Last year, the Liberals said that the project would start in January, but have since delayed the project again until 2018. Still, Stephen McNeil and the Liberals have made repeated claims that the project is running on time, including in their own platform document.

“This urgently-needed upgrade has been delayed multiple times by the Liberals, and their own documents show that the project is currently months behind schedule,” said Burrill. “For Mr. McNeil to claim that the project is on time is misleading to say the least. This redevelopment is urgently needed to protect patient safety and improve care, but the Liberals have proven that it’s not their priority.”

An NDP government would make the necessary investments needed to upgrade hospital infrastructure. The Liberals on the other hand failed to spend almost $75 million allocated for hospital infrastructure over the last three years resulting in crumbling hospitals that have led to cancelled surgeries and patients being moved out of hospital wards and into hallways.

“This delayed project is another example of the McNeil Liberals failed record of cuts, closures and chaos that has created a crisis in our health care system,” added Burrill. “Only the NDP has a plan to make sure that people get the health care they need, when and where they need it.”