July 6th, 2017

Liberal decision to allow tire burning is backwards

Environmental assessment process is flawed

HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill says the Liberals’ decision to allow a company to burn tires for fuel is backwards-looking and not fitting with the province’s environmental sustainability goals.

“Burning tires for fuel is just ridiculous – especially when we already have a solid plan for recycling the tires,” said Burrill. “I think many Nova Scotians will be very disappointed and very angry with the government’s decision.”

The proposal to burn tires for fuel made it through the province’s environmental assessment process. The NDP Caucus has been pushing for changes to environmental assessments and has introduced an Environmental Bill of Rights.

“This decision to allow tire burning shows just how flawed our environmental assessment process really is,” said Lenore Zann, NDP Environment Spokesperson. “Our natural environment deserves a gold-standard level of protection. Our communities must have confidence that the environmental assessment process is entirely independent, trustworthy, and adapting to the growing need to consider climate change in all our actions. This decision by Minister Rankin doesn’t fill me with confidence and I know residents of Colchester County will be upset with this decision.”
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