July 13th, 2017

Industrial Inquiry Commission a welcome but overdue step

Decision comes 18 months into Herald strike

Halifax—The NDP welcomes the provincial government’s decision to appoint an Industrial Inquiry Commission to resolve the dispute between the Chronicle Herald and the Halifax Typographical Union, despite the fact that the decision should have been made much sooner.

“The Chronicle Herald workers and the NDP have repeatedly called for an Industrial Inquiry,” said NDP leader Gary Burrill. “This is a good step, but it is one that could have and should have been taken a year ago.”

The Chronicle Herald strike has lasted 537 days to date. At stake are newsroom workers’ wages, hours, pensions and seniority rights.

“It’s about time the government did something proactive to resolve this situation,” said NDP labour spokesperson Tammy Martin. “There was no reason to have let the strike draw out for 18 months.”

The NDP has boycotted the Chronicle Herald since the beginning of the strike.

“Our solidarity remains with the workers who have put their livelihoods on the line in defense of journalism,” said Burrill. “We will continue our boycott until a satisfactory agreement is reached.

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