July 12th, 2017

Clarity lacking on halting of school review process

Education Minister declined to offer details

Dartmouth—NDP education spokesperson Claudia Chender is concerned about the Liberal government’s recent decision to halt the school review process with no rationale provided to the public.

The decision affects 17 nearly completed reviews of Dartmouth-area schools.

“It’s troubling that the work of volunteers, teachers, facilitators and parents is being abruptly suspended with no explanation,” said Chender. “I think they deserve to know if their efforts over several months are going to be rendered a waste of time.”

The Education Minister has declined to offer details, other than to say that this is a “pause” to allow time to review changes to the education system. All school boards received a letter from the Minister announcing the decision, but the Halifax Regional School Board is the only school board with a school review process not considering facility replacement.

“School reviews are a participatory process that gives communities a say in the future of their schools,” said Chender. “Once again, the Liberal government is showing its tendency to make top-down decisions and fail to communicate with stakeholders.”

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