June 30th, 2017

Child care centres face financial difficulties under McNeil's plan

Providers left with many questions, little time to plan for impact

HALIFAX – NDP Early Childhood Education spokesperson Claudia Chender has heard from early childhood educators and child care centres about the financial difficulties the centres will face when Stephen McNeil’s new pre-primary program is introduced.

“Child care providers are raising the alarm about the lack of information available at this late date, and about the sweeping impact this program will have on their finances,” said Chender, MLA for Dartmouth South. “Many child care centres are already struggling to make ends meet and will need to significantly alter their programming and facilities to accommodate the Liberals’ changes.”

Molly Rogers is the Director of Sherwood Park Preschool. She is deeply concerned about the lack of information being provided to child care centres by the provincial government.

“We are continuously asking questions and contacting our local MLAs about the pre-primary program and still no one knows when, where, and how it is going to roll out – and it is supposed to start in just two months,” said Rogers. “Financially, I think this will have a negative impact on child care centres because of the short notice and lack of ability to plan.”

The NDP Caucus has heard from early childhood educators, teachers, and principals who are all very concerned that they have received no information. Today is the last day of school and it will be difficult for the government to convene conversations with teachers and principals over the summer when schools are closed.

“The financial difficulties for child care centres will be exacerbated since there is little time to plan for the impact,” said Chender. “Pre-primary programs are slated to begin in just over two months and neither child care providers, nor school administrators, nor the public have been given any information. Stephen McNeil needs to answer people’s questions.”

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